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Baba breeding in our facilities to ensure disease-free, reliable quality
Basis we honor five consecutive years won the provincial farmers to produce good.

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Three dishes, three sold in specialty shops, but want to enjoy the full flavor of its wild, best homemade bought in shops often abuse spicy marinated and maps vegetables cooked together shouldthree three's like eating meat ... pheasants or fake candles.
About two years ago, turtle farming arose with model farmers "intensive" construction by the economic problems of their profession attractive results. But only after many failed first and so far no less tank (mainly cement tank) was abandoned. At a recent seminar by the Extension
In 2000, families in Can Tho has produced 3,000 three three (like tortoise smooth transfer from the North) capable of breeding throughout the year.Hope raise turtles in Singapore experience will be of great help for baba farming movement in our country.
With the advantage of a large district has an area of fertile land in the past Dau Tieng agricultural economy has achieved significant achievements. In which the livestock industry there are new developments with the emergence of many large animal model of high economic value.
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Last from bookshelf VLOS Sciences. Last modified: 20:30, 31/3/2011, by Nguyen PhucBước tới: chuyển hướng, tìm kiếm 1.Type of food: food animals are the three main parties. Ba Ba feed can be divided into three main types: Fresh animal feed.
Tortoise meat called sized turtles commercial sale of 0.4 kg or more, mainly from 0.5 to 0.8 kg / head. Currently the domestic market demand is low, feed products are mainly for export. Season consumed scattered throughout the year, but mainly in the last months. Want to raise three three large