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Update day: 25/11/10
Three rearing three varieties:
To ensure the level of newly hatched turtles into three three similar high survival rate, should be divided into three stages run. Here mainly introduces techniques level three three flowers.
Phase 1: Taken from the moment it has 4-6g size 15-25g. Fast run time of 25-30 days. Care less time may be extended twice. Turtles hatch cases and between cases, correct the growing season last great run faster than turtles hatch. Newly hatched turtles due to their small size, poor health, the digestion is incomplete and should be meticulous care in the small pool area from 1m2 to 10m2. The water level in the tank from 10-15cm in the first few days increased to 40 cm by the end of May. Do not get water too deep for her three children always have to sit out of the water, breathing, consuming energy, affecting the health. On the tank can drop water hyacinth non, clean water breathing tortoise lying face. The average level density 50 shrimp/m2, can run thick 100-150 shrimp/m2 but 10-15 days must san said, fed and water changes too. Fed identical (red worms), earthworms, drop into the tray put into the tank for the turtle to eat in the early morning or late afternoon. Better care management, the survival rate of 90-100%.
Phase 2:Drinking from the same size like 15-25g 50-80g, nursing time required for 2-3 months with the first turtle hatching season. This stage it is best to run in build size 20-30m2 tank or small pond 50-100m2. The average level density 25-30 shrimp/m2. Fed by feeding earthworms, silver carp boiling, remove the tank to drop down three three in the morning, in the afternoon. Good care management can achieve 90-100% survival rate. Poor nursing, after 3 months not meet the above size.
Phase 3: small drinks like 50-80g of the same size large 100-150g to over 200g. Run time required for 2-3 months, if released through the winter, it takes 5-6 months. This stage in earthen ponds grew faster in tank construction. Tank on the bottom area of 50m2, pond area 100-150m2. The average level density 7-10 shrimp/m2, top 15 fish / m2. Eat enough sesame fish is cooked, remove to eat, minced fish can also be fed in the morning, in the afternoon. Better care management, the survival rate can reach 90-100%.
Should be checked every 1 months for 1 times to graded, separated children to children own pond. The process should ensure pond tank with the proper temperature from 25-33oC