Commercial farming techniques Ba Ba
Update day: 25/11/10
Baba meat called sized turtles commercial sale of 0.4 kg or more, mainly from 0.5 to 0.8 kg / head. Currently the domestic market demand is low, feed products are mainly for export. Season consumed scattered throughout the year, but mainly in the last months.
Want to raise three three large meat fast, high survival rate, interest much, need to perform the following techniques:
a) Before stocking, preparing tanks to ensure water quality and pond bottom clean.
b) Need stocking soon to enlist the support of all the months most suitable growth temperature. The North released in March, in April, the southern provinces drop from month 1, month 2 adopted at the end of harvest.
c) Usually just drop from 100-200g/con. In a drop of the same size pond turtles breed healthy carriers. Turtles to feed buyers should carefully explore, buy from the same reliable service establishments.
d) breeding density from 1-5 shrimp/m2, maximum 1kg/m2. Conditions change initiative, the ability to meet, feed high density; hard to change the water conditions, from about the same capabilities are limited, there are no conditions to eat every day .... breeding density.
e) To eat, preventive care and good management, after 8-10 months, turtle meat can be sized at 0.6 to 1.2 kg / head, 90-100% survival rate. Many farms in the south grow faster than in the north, the average weight gain per child can reach 100 g / month. In the northern provinces, the increase in the population (total tortoise meat weight / total weight of the three three just released) after a crop is low from 2-3 times, high reach 4-5 .
1. Food: Ba Ba eating animals is key.
Ba Ba feed can be divided into three main types:
- Fresh food animals.
- Dry animal feed.
- Prepared foods or food industry.
Until now, most of the Ba Ba farmers are using live animals as food, some places to eat dry food conditions, generally do not have the conditions of use of food industry.
2. Live food: Includes animals intact, alive or dead, but fresh meat. Do not use tainted meat was rancid and salty marinated meat unable to wash salt. The animals, meat animals used as food for Ba Ba include:
Fresh fish: the northern provinces often use white sesame, fish, clove oil, fish ditches, fresh fish farming of freshwater and marine fish wastes. The southern provinces and regions reservoirs using more fish Son, Spirit, fish mouse Fasteners, marine debris ...
Mollusk fauna: including the freshwater mollusk fauna (screw, snails, snail, stuffed snails, clams, mussels) and the mollusk fauna such as arm, ...
Crustaceans: mostly kinds of shrimp, crab inexpensive, both in freshwater and saltwater.
Insects: mainly earthworms, silkworm pupae. Earthworms can be raised for food, natural can catch worms (in the garden, near river ...) to eat.
Other animals: usually take advantage of cheap meat of animals not subject to food for human consumption, and meat scraps of food processing enterprises such as fish, shrimp, squid, cattle and poultry. ..
3. Dry foods: Some where conditions can using light dry fish, dry shrimp light ... kind of cheap to eat with fresh food daily or reserve for eating in the absence of fresh food.
4. Food industry: Our country can not be produced for use in industrial food Ba Ba. Worldwide, some countries have used quite popular, high economic efficiency. Nutrient composition of food is very comprehensive, especially high protein content, feed Ba Ba same protein 50-55%, feed Ba Ba meat protein content of about 45%.
5. Feeding live food:
- Feeding the location of regulation to Ba Ba of eating, easy tracking daily food, easy to clean feeding area.
- Small animals Ba Ba eating mouth, can swallow, feeding the baby, animals, large scale cut into many pieces for Ba Ba eating.
Ba Ba hardware not eat fish head, fins, mollusk shells, animal bones ... use animal on the shore, do not give into the pond pond water pollution increase.
- Wash your food before feeding.
- Three newly hatched three days to eat 3-4 times, 2-3 times the same Ba Ba Ba Ba and Ba Ba parents meat 1-2 times / day, to eat the evening than in the morning.
- The amount of food to eat in a day: Three Three newly hatched 15-16% of the, Ba Ba same 10-12%, Ba Ba meat and Ba Ba parents weight 3-6% Ba Ba in the pond.
- For eating a variety of foods to supplement animal nutrition. Do not just eat a thing because the nutrients will not be comprehensive.
- Ba Ba hatched for feeding zooplankton (frontal lobe), worms (identical), worm. After 5-7 days of culture transfer to eat fish, shrimp. Should choose lean fish, boiled fish, remove the meat to cooked food better for eating raw.
- In all of the rearing period, if conditions permit for Ba Ba eating worms as far as growing and healthy fats.
- The large pond for Ba Ba with density can also raise snails, small fish shrimp in ponds for Ba Ba started eating descending, not necessarily for Ba Ba eat. Using manure, green manure, inorganic fertilizer to plant and animal breeding as food for snails, small fish for shrimp, or you can use other types of feed for fish and small shrimp eat directly. With for, productivity Ba Ba culture while not, but Ba Ba grow, less disease, the cost to feed low Ba Ba, high economic efficiency.