Experience baba culture in Singapore
Update day: 03/11/09

In 2000, families in Can Tho has produced 3,000 three three (like tortoise smooth transfer from the North) capable of breeding throughout the year.Hope raise turtles in Singapore experience will be of great help for baba farming movement in our country.

Experience raising three three in Singapore

Since 70 years, Singapore has entered same smooth three three (Trionyx Sinensis) from Taiwan to support testing and conducting research on the biological characteristics of the tortoise, the influence of the sand layer, water layer, stocking upvery large tortoise.

Raising process is divided into three phases:

- Three three children under the age of 3 months.

- Three three breeding 2 years old.
- Three three meat breeding from three to 12 months old, the average harvest size 600g, tomorrow length reached 16 cm.

1.Ponds, concrete tank construction

Walled pond, building vertical to prevent turtles to escape, pond floating logs to three three heating up, help them adjust to the temperature and dry tomorrow, avoid to create viscous layer pathogenesis.

This pool cover a porous layer of sand, it is best mixed with mud to sand it buried itself, the length of the sand layer depending on the size of the turtle.

Turtles prefer shallow water because just choking up to face water to bite breathe air, if water break after forcing them to swim to the surface energy will cost.

sunlight also helps turtles adjust body temperature more efficiently and to limit contamination.

Water from wells and pumps, anti overflow tube to keep the level constant, especially in the rainy season.

Where turtles lay. Each tank has room to about 0.5 - 1.5 m2, sand lining thickness: 15 - 25 cm. Also has an incubation wide 9 - 18m2, eggs Government 5 cm thick layer of sand were watered daily (in the morning except on rainy days), where incubation shelter from rain and sun. Turtles hatching eggs during 60 days of delivery, ponds for breeding turtles density: 8 - 10 units/m2, the rate of 1 male, 2 - 3 female, they often spawn throughout the year.

Baba pond. Newly hatched turtles kept in tanks set width: 1 - 22m2, water depth 20 cm, density: 1con/100cm2 children, 2 to 3 cm thick sandy bottom, around grow orchids directed to the tortoise avoid the sun or hiding , bird nets above room enough to eat turtles.

Pond turtle meat. Area 90 - 1,700 m2, depth: 45 - 60 cm. 45 cm high concrete bank. Ponds of 1,700 m2 6,800 children.

Change the water 2 days / 1 month / times the water quality is determined visually based on color and behavior of turtles. In the colorful coral fish ponds (Trichogaster pectoralis) to destroy mosquito larvae tongue, can fish more results (Chana striatus) to eat leftovers the bottom of the tank.

2. Food

Use the bottom of the poor quality fish diet, supplemented by the poor quality chicks, poultry intestines, pig lung. Three three benthic fish fed the will lay eggs with hard shells, eat 1/1 day in the morning or evening by throwing food into the tank.

3. Harvest

Harvest can catch turtles by hand or net, after each autumn pond needs to stay about one month, soaked in water for a few cm, drop wild spinach (sp Ipomeae) to reduce microbialdevelopment

(TC. KHCN TS 5/2000)