Specialty baba
Update day: 30/11/10

Price tortoise breeding facilities in the Mekong Delta sold 100,000 VND / kg, of to HCMC around 150,000 VND / kg.


First of all, be aware that turtles are evil, bite very sore and suck always flesh who dared to "insult". Therefore when buying tortoise, to the bucket or pot high, when slaughtered flip back up to leave. Turtle blood a lot, like white meat or take blood mixed liquor to back out, use a sharp knife under the belly upwards. Then to brass, cook in boiling water for clean layers of greasy and easy to scrape the outer layer of skin. Surgery tortoise not smart will flock to its mucus because the heart occupies more than half the weight, right behind his back surgery. Mai tortoise have soft edges very brittle like sticking food, but as the middle as hard. On the last day of the year, tortoise still holding eggs, so that's as smart. Skip tortoise into the water washing, get security to own, if steamed, grilled, raw, fried rolls, sour, hot pot, it must be cut into pieces. In the West, there are two items easy to refresh discovered that again "scrumptious": three three-sour soup and three three boiling salted coconut milk.


Three three clean remove offal chopped, cut meat. Aviculare, Driving, hardworking Neo (cotton coconut as possible) or the Internet architecture, bath tub with fresh vegetables me "specialized" sour soup, reduced fat profile garlic, lemongrass. Cooking water to taste to the soup, meat, vegetables to own trap, eat where to stuff in there, end girders chili sauce. Remember, vegetables are often ring and presto limp, therefore, put the vegetables one at a time, the best new vegetables cooked to taste. Can eat sour soup tortoise with noodles.

Ba ba  clean to Whole-up "lid" (the cheese in the middle is "opened" to own). Coconut water taste slightly sweet flour, sugar, a little salt, put the tortoise in boiling water until nearly dry, take out and drain. Skip the salt grains on a clay pot or cast iron pot, three-three at the plate gourmet salt put into the pot, cover the fire burning until the grains of salt is explosive. Remove the three three stainless steel disk placed as restaurants often, non-fat garlic preparations on the initial pour boiling water, brought to a gas hot food, clean with green field cabbage or Dalat salad, a few stalks herbs, put salty fish sauce. For easy eating, using scissors to cut out the pieces, but not off completely to tortoise intact shape beautifully. If you do not drink, eat with rice or bread.Theo các trang Web thể thao ở Trung Quốc, các vận động viên gần đến ngày thi đấu trong khẩu phần ăn đều có món ba ba ít nhất một tuần một lần. Cầu thủ Lê Huỳnh Đức cho biết khi còn thi đấu ở Trung Quốc anh cũng thường được ăn ba ba.

Books Eastern medicine also recognizes the bacon three health promotion. But the turtle farm in the Mekong Delta, often "cup" three three confirmed eat three three erectile coated kidneys! Nowhere do not know but this reporter ate three three several times and turtle meat is very tasty and nutritious. With the same weight, tortoise turtle often for more meat and its fat is yellow like grease but delicious and not too fat. Finally the best four legs, a meal to remember "old glass" to be "favorable to life".