Model to replicate the commercial turtle farming
Update day: 03/11/09

Nursery tortoise farm

About two years ago, turtle farming arose with model farmers "intensive" construction by the economic problems of their profession attractive results. But only after many failed first and so far no less tank (mainly cement tank) was abandoned. At a recent seminar by the Extension Center Quang Nam seafood and seed development in collaboration with JSC Danang airport aviation services organization, has confirmed turtle farming is still the economic value high, but to farmers "integration" of the profession is still much to remove.Anh Trần Tuấn, một người hăng hái xây dựng mô hình nuôi ba ba tại xã Tam Mỹ Đông (Núi Thành) từ ba năm trước đây kể: Tôi xây dựng mô hình hoàn toàn tự phát và làm theo kiểu phong trào bởi vì tưởng nghề nuôi này cũng dễ dàng như nuôi những đối tượng thủy sản nước ngọt khác. Nhưng khi bắt tay vào làm mới thấy khó. Kỹ thuật thì mình có thể học hỏi được từ sách vở, kinh nghiệm của người khác nhưng điều kiện thổ nhưỡng để nuôi ba ba thì vùng đất Núi Thành này chưa phải là lý tưởng.

It is known that in 2004, before the development of farming movement tortoise frantic, Tuan has invested in three ponds (each pond area of about 400 square meters), drop to 6,000 breeding turtles. Only after the first service, he worked as failure because I like turtles dying on.Amount invested more than 200 million almost lost because of late season only obtained few dozen sign baba.

Farming land turtles in the pond.

The province is not few cases cry Meu as Tuan. A few years ago, the economic effect from farming turtles caused massive farmers built ponds while still capture process farming techniques, soil conditions in many places is not suitable. On the other hand, the purchase of the same product and the output resolution is also uncertain. As a result, many models have failed miserably. At a recent workshop on freshwater aquaculture techniques, Mr. Pham Ngoc Tra Deputy Director JSC Danang Airport Aviation Services (units are in a turtle farm to more than 3ha in Quy Phuoc village of Binh do, Thang Binh district) said that the failure of the previous breeding turtles is the failure of agricultural models in a "movement" see where to do that. No links, a comprehensive study around like this new aquatic farming. Tea He also added that the company's farm has about 2,400 square meters of pond turtles. In 2007, although the first case, the number of animals farmed less but selling more than 1 ton units turtle meat for sale 360,000 VND / kg (body weight 1.3 kg / head or more). Market supply does not keep up with demand. According to the company's calculations, if conditions are favorable, a model live turtles can net around 50% of revenue after each service. Remaining problem is that people need to grasp the technical process.

Three 6 months old and in pilot farming.


According to the experience of Pham Minh Hoang, a three farmers three quite successful American School in the village of Tam Thai (Phu Ninh), in addition to technical books, turtle farming is need of patience, hard workof farmers. By three three varieties of fish grow very slowly, in a slightly dirty environments. The pond regularly check and monitor the status of ponds to control the head loss due to three three animals can attack, cannibalism ... Mr. Huang is farming about 7,000 breeds in 3 cement tanks have a total of only 100 square meters but also better off income. Last year Mr. Huang 1.5 kg turtle meat, the interest about 15 million. However, according to Huang, the resolution of the output current remains intractable story by models of mostly small farmers. Commodity prices tortoise is very low and depends on ... traders.
In this regard, Mr. Pham Ngoc Tra offer solutions product consumption if farmers be linked to the unit. Besides, for the farmers to capture technical drop feed turtles, functional and JSC Aviation Services Danang airport ready to guide and free advice for her son. Links to technical support and proactive in resolution output stage is considered important conditions for the development of the current turtle farming. Especially in the area of Thang Binh district, where soil conditions favorable to the development of commercial turtle farming.