Efficiency from new animal models
Update day: 26/11/10
Dau Tieng recently agriculture has experienced strong growth trend of livestock farming combined. The strength of the Dau Tieng Rubber farms with large areas. Many farmers in the district had reasonable coordination between crops and livestock to form a new animal model for large-scale high economic value. Notably the cold chicken farming in Minh Hoa Commune, dairy farming at Long Tan and pig in Minh Tan. Cold chicken which model is considered a breakthrough of Dau Tieng farmers. In Minh Hoa Commune of into poultry economic team with 25 members, which focuses mainly cold chicken farmers. The majority of members are from 1 to 2 cold chicken farm, as much as six camp. Each camp drop from 3,000 to 6,000 chickens. Cold chicken requires large capital investment for the construction of housing. However, the profitability of this animal model provides quite large. Each round of farming, 1 can chicken farm for net profit of 100 million (1 in can drop 4 rounds). Cold chicken model but appeared in Dau Tieng from about 2007 but it was the economic model shows that this is highly effective and in accordance with this local. Cold chicken farming have tended to thrive in Dau Tieng because districts have multiple conditions on land and labor resources to meet the requirements.
Unlike the model of cold chicken, dairy farming model in recent years has seen strong growth over time under the influence of the milk price reduction. Last time at Long Tan formed dairy club. Currently the club has had the participation of 11 members with about 120 cows. According to many reviews, if well developed cattle and milk prices at a stable level, the one cycle for one dairy cow can give income from 30 to 40 million. From the economic efficiency of dairy farming but in recent years the district has formed the high quality pasture to provide feed for the dairy farm.
In addition to animal models, large-scale pig model are confirmed advantages in bringing higher income for farmers, contributing to good jobs with an average salary of over 2,000,000/ person / month. Besides the models mentioned above, in recent times Dau Tieng district farmers also pay attention to the development of new adoption, has high economic value as urchins model of Nguyen Van Tan, implying Long Hoa; raising alligators in Dinh Thanh Dinh Hiep, Dau Tieng town and some other models, such as raising tortoise, boar hybrid ... initially also brought high income to farmers.
Le Van Anh, Dau Tieng District Farmers Association, said: "Recently, the livestock sector of the district has a new breakthrough. The formation of livestock club has a positive impact on the movement of farmers in the district. The club, the model has good support for each other in economic development and create jobs for farmers. "According to Ms. Van Anh, in the future Farmers District will have the active support program for farmers in loans, farm establishment, maintenance and development of the economy, the club ; science and technology transfer to farmers. Including the development of cattle was identified as the focus of the Peasants' program districts in the future.