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1.Type of food: food animals are the three main parties.
Ba Ba feed can be divided into three main types:
Fresh animal feed.
Dry animal feed.
Food or food processing industry.
Until now, most of the Ba Ba farmers are using live animals as food, some places to eat dry food conditions, generally do not have the conditions of use of food industry.
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Tortoise meat called sized turtles commercial sale of 0.4 kg or more, mainly from 0.5 to 0.8 kg / head. Currently the domestic market demand is low, feed products are mainly for export. Season consumed scattered throughout the year, but mainly in the last months. Want to raise three three large meat fast, high survival rate, interest much, need to perform the following technical measures: .... (click on a topic to see more)
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Baba is the same cold-blooded, like reptiles four legs of the turtle family, scientific name Trionyx Sinensis and the common name is the Soft-Shelled Turtle.
Baba is very easy to raise, very high commercial value. Baba culture is one of the economic model of agriculture highest profit efficiency, many farmers, individual economic organizations, farms across the country to conduct farming and very effective high.